Karina's Birth Story

When Jeremiah was born, he was huge. I'm talking 9 pounds, 12 ounces huge. Check this out for a refresher. I was so scared I was going to have another big baby so my doctor told me she would induce me at 39 weeks. At first, she told me I would be induced on Saturday, July 14 but when I went to my last appointment she told me the 16th would work better for her. She wanted to deliver the baby and she was on call on the 17th.

I checked into the hospital at 8:00pm on Monday the 16th. When Eloy and I got to my delivery room, there were 2 women, one to the left and one to the right, SCREAMING their heads off. It seriously felt like we were in a scary movie or a bad episode of Baby Story. We wanted to pack up and leave... but then again, I wanted my baby out so we were staying.

 (My huge belly before I changed into my lovely hospital gown)

At 10PM, the nurse started me on cervidil. Cervidil is as small as a memory chip and its placed on the cervix. It helps thin out the cervix. Before the cervidil I was dilated to a 1 before the cervidil and when they took it out at 10 the following morning I was dilated to a 3. During the middle of the night, around 3 AM I felt a few drips run down my thigh. We called the nurse and she said my water didn't break, it was just amniotic fluid... I think my water broke.

So, at 10AM my nurse took out the cervidil and gave me a examination. After that I showered and then walked around... and cramped as we walked. When we finished our walk the nurse hooked me up to pitocin. At 12:15 my water broke. The cramps came in stronger so around 2 I got the juice! I looooovvvee the juice. Everyone cleared the room and my CRNA (my anesthesiologist) was so awesome. He was an older, bald guy with hairy arms... haha. He rolled his little cart behind me and when he opened it, the lock made a weird noise. I looked up at the nurse and she asked me if I was nervous. I let her know I wasn't but what the heck was that noise? To me, it sounded like a drill! The nurse and drug dealer got a good kick out of that one. At least they did... that noise scared me! After the epidural was hooked up my nurse did another examine and I was dilated at a 5. About an hour later the nurse kicked our moms out of the room and wanted me to pee (TMI?). So, I pee'd and as I laid there I told Eloy my body felt super anxious... it was a weird feeling. After my attempt to pee, (mind you I had no bladder control thanks to the epidural) she did another examine and I was at a 10! YAY! Both of our moms strolled back in and asked if I was ok and I let them know I was at a 10 and it was almost time to push! These 2 cute grandma's clapped their grandma hands and hugged each other like they just won the lottery. I felt a little nauseas so the nurse hooked me up to some zofran and the nausea was gone. I. LOVE. DRUGS.

I started pushing around 2:50. When her head was crowing the doctor said to stop pushing! WHAT? Who says that during labor? So, I stopped and they set up shop with 2 minutes. Eloy looked at me and said, "Her heads right there babe!"... I looked at him with my evilest eyes and said "I know! I can feel the pressure!" I pushed for, what seemed like 2 minutes and out she came.

Miss Karina Ayva Garcia
Born at 3:12 PM
Weighing 7 pounds, 8 ounces
19.5 inches long

Right after she came out, I looked up at Eloy, with tears in my eyes and told him "She's here." She had to sweetest little cry ever.
When the Doctor placed her on my belly, my heart felt so full. I feel in love instantly! 

Jeremiah was so excited to see his baby sister, Kina. When he walked into the cry, Karina started to cry and J freaked out! He did not like hearing her cry... it made him cry! Their introduction was a little rough because a nurse was in the room giving both baby and I an examine and kind of ruined the moment for us. 

The next day, Eloy and Jeremiah came back to take us home and that visit went a whole lot smoother. Jeremiah wanted to smoother his baby sister with kisses. He absolutely loves her! 

I could not be happier right now.
My heart is as full as can be. When I hold my sweet baby, cuddle with my handsome little man, OR look into my loving, handsome husbands eyes I feel Heavenly Fathers love fill my body.
Blessed am I.


Kristen and Andrew said...

So sweet!! I am glad that everything went so perfectly! She is a precious ball of perfection!

Rachael Thompson said...

Kina in her Little Sister onesie looks just like Jeremiah! He's such a cute big brother. Congrats to everyone!!

Jamie Cardoza said...

Drea,I'm so glad you had a good birth experience this time around, it sounds a lot like my experience! awe this whole thing made me wanna cry, I think I need to start a blog too..and I am impressed that you had the time and energy to blog! Baby Karina is a beautiful bundle of joy..so happy for you guys!

Jana said...

she is absolutely beautiful!!!! congratulations! and that picture of jeremiah - that boy is as cute as ever! :)

Chelsea G said...

I loved reading your birth story of little Karina, thanks for sharing! She is super precious and J will be such a good big brother to her. You ARE blessed, congrats again! Love the Grows

WilsonFamily said...

Thank you for sharing!! She is soo beautiful and your lil family is perfectly beautiful! Congratulations!!

HollySomm said...

She is so beautiful Dre!!! Congratulations!