Disneyland 2012

It's true... Disneyland IS the happiest place on earth.
Eloy graduates from UOP in May and as a gift to him/us we decided to take a vacay before he graduates. Considering I'll be bigger after Eloy graduates we decided to take our vacation during spring break. 
We had such an amazing time away. Disneyland was so much fun. I was waaaayy more excited than Eloy and Jeremiah. Don't get me wrong. They were pumped... but not as pumped as this momma. 

Right before we left for Disneyland J got hooked on Toy Story. We must've watched it 10 times with a 7 day period. So, naturally, the first ride we got on at Disneyland was the Buzz Lightyear ride. The ride was somewhat like a video game. You sit in a pod and try to shoot things with a laser gun. Fun! Somehow, I managed to score a whooping ZERO! Eloy scored around 12,000. My gun was TOTALLY defected because I KNOW I made some shots. 
When you get off the ride you walk into a store that sells nothing but Toy Story goodies. J freaked! So, we bought him a Woody. They are inseparable now. Very cute!

And I totally made Eloy put this hat on considering he was pretty much the reason we were in Disneyland.

Our second day at Disneyland, we managed to finish seeing everything we really wanted to see before dusk. So, we caught the 4:00 showing of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse/ Handy Manny/ Little Einstein's at California Adventures. On behalf of Jeremiah, this was probably the coolest thing there for him. He was so pumped to watch the show. It was so interactive and fun! Bubbles fell from the sky and just made J's day. 

On Wednesday, we visited Eloy's grandparents and Aunts.
I'm so grateful we made time to visit with them. It is something I will never forget.

And on our last day in Anaheim we stopped to eat Peruvian food. AH-MAZING!! We usually only get Peruvian food on our Anniversary so this was a major treat. 

And last, but not least, we stopped in Visalia to visit our great friends, The Macias family. We always pick up where we left off with these guys. And it's so awesome that we have boys that are just a few months apart. They loved hanging out together. Cute little monsters.


Kristen and Andrew said...

SO FUN!!! Look at all those SMILES!! It really is the happiest place on earth!! :) Glad you guys had so much fun!!

Tausha said...

FINALLY a post!! :) It's been LONG overdue! You guys look like you had a blast, it's great to see your cute little family getting so big!! Can't wait to see numoro two!

HollySomm said...

So Dre, not only am I incredibly jealous of your trip to Disneyland, but I got so excited when my sister said you talked to her the other day! I don't have a FB anymore, so email me and I can give you my number, or we can be pen pals! :)