Baby #2!

Do you see this big guy?

He's going to be a BIG brother! 

We're so excited to have another baby. 
This baby has been tugging at my heart strings for months telling me he or she is ready to be with us. And when I say months, I mean months. It took some humbling on Eloy's part to realize we need to listen to Heavenly Father and have another baby but I knew it would. It was all apart of his plan.

We've known for awhile but decided to wait and tell our families on Thanksgiving. Our Mother's expression were the best and everything you would expect from grandmothers who itch that little baby love. Everyone is so excited and we couldn't be happier right now!

We hope everyone had as great of a Thanksgiving as we did!

The Garcia's 


Kristen and Andrew said...

YAY!!!!!! I am so happy for Baby G... cannot wait!!

Dione said...

Congratulations!! Were so excited for you guys! How far along are you?!

Jana said...

yayyyyyyy!!!!! congratulations :) so excited for you!! give us the details!!! how are you feeling? how far along are you?

Erin said...

congratulations!! I love baby news.

Emily said...

How exciting!!! Congratulations!

HollySomm said...

What?! That is amazing! Congratulations!!!