Keep it neutral

When Eloy and I were registering for our wedding I asked him what color he wanted our room and bathroom. He said, "Blue". Blah. I threw out a bunch of other colors for him to choose from and nada. Nope. It had to be Blue. He wouldn't budge. So for the past 3 years, we've had this ugly plan blue comforter on our bed. blah, again
Now, FINALLY, he's letting me buy all new bedroom and bathroom decor. I can't wait!!! 

I really like this and this and I've had my mind set on these colors.
This project should be fun.
And to put a little something like this in my bathroom.

I've had tons of fun getting ideas and can't wait to get started! If anyone knows of some good crafty blogs out there that I can get ideas from, please send them my way!


Jana said...

ahhh we were the same way, but with brown. dark ugly brown.

i daydream about transforming my room into a grey and yellow bit of heaven.

simplybecky said...

My dear, you need to get yourself on Pinterest. You will find all you want on there (and more) and you will become addicted. That is a fact :) I'm sending you an invite to your gmail address.

HollySomm said...


decorating, crafting, just for fun its all there!

Kristen and Andrew said...

CUTE ! Love all your ideas! I'd love to help/go shop ;) join pintrest... FULL of AMAZING ideas. You will spend hours and hours looking.

Mica said...

Haha! I think most couples begin with drab (sometimes "poopy") colors. For us, it's grandma furniture.

Pinterest is definitely full of fabulous ideas! But beware, like others have commented it can and WILL become addicting.