Finally Here!

Jeremiah is FINALLY here!

I went to the hospital Sunday morning to get induced. They placed a pill on my cervix that was supposed to make it thin out and dialate around 10. After almost 6 hours it didn't do anything so they gave me another one but this time I had to swallow it. My water ended up breaking at 6p.m. I was laying on my right side talking with family and friends when all of a sudden I felt something drip down my the back of my leg. All I could think was "OMG... Am I peeing on myself? Nooo...". So I told Eloy I had to go pee. He had to help me whenever I got up because I was connected to monitors and the nurses had shown him how to disconnect and reconnect me. As he started to get up, more "so called pee" came out some more. I freaked and told him to hurry. As I stood up to get out of bed more "pee" dripped down my leg. I FREAKED out and told everyone "I know this sounds wierd but I know I'm not peeing on myself. I think my water broke! Yea... because it's not yellow!" LOL

Right after the contractions started coming. Stronger and stronger. When my nurse checked me she said I was paper thin and dialated to 10. I figured if this is it, I can take the pain. Not too long after I decided to get the epidural. I was going to try to give birth naturally. Good thing I got the epi though! My doctor came in and checked me a little bit after and she said I was only dialated to a 3! Good thing for drugs! There's no way I could have done it without.

When it came time to push I was ready! Unfortunaly, I pushed for two and a half hours. Yea... not fun. I was so out of it. All I could hear was Eloy, my mom, and his mom. Let me tell you, they were a great support team. I especially could not have gone through everything without Eloy there. When I would get contractions I would just cling to him.

Jeremiah Eloy Garcia was born the morning of Monday October 26, 2009
6:09 A.M.
9 pounds, 12 ounces
21.5 inches long

Jeremiah is such a blessing in our lives. We fall in love with him more and more. He's so much like me and so much like Eloy. He's our little stink bomb!

Kudos to Kali for having Harper David Matthews!
I'm sure Jeremaih and Harper planned this. Goes to show they'll be great friends.


kalisarah88 said...

He is sooooo beautiful, Dre! I love him already!

Dani said...

yay! congrats!!!!! i'm so happy for you:)

Dione said...

Congrats!! He is so sweet! It was fun to hear your birth story, so a amazing experience, especially when you have a epidural :) I hope you are recovering well, I wish I could come bring you meals or something!

Annie Macias said...

Oh, he is so stinkin' cute!! I just want to squeeze his cheeks right now! I wish I was there so I could! We love you guys!