Boppy user and abuser

One of my co-workers knows how to make Boppy's. Isn't that cool?!?! She said it isn't hard it and only takes a few hours to put together so I asked her if she could make me 2 and I would pay here. Boppy's usually go for $30 EACH, right? I paid $20 for 2. It's like a sweet flea market deal without all the crazy Mexicans!

So these boppy's are just lying around the house waiting for a baby (who isn't, right?). Well... someone decided to put these bad boys to use and get comfy. Can you blame the guy? Now, let me just add a few months ago I bought a body pillow. I really needed to so when I lay down it can support my growing belly AND it's long enough to go between my knees AND I like to hug it. :)
I lost it within 2 nights. He said we had to share it. Share it my butt buddy! How about we share carrying this baby!
We ended up coming to an agreement.
The body pillow would be used for under our heads and each of us can have 2 pillow to use as we wish.
I never get things the way I want them... lol


Jana said...

LOVE the Boppy! ...but I never thought to use it as a pillow! Leave it to the husband to do that :)

Annie Macias said...

This is hilarious! Give a mama a break Eloy!! What a steal on those Boppys!! They will come in handy for sure!

My Boppy and I are attached at the hip...literally! I don't know what I'd do without it!
nursing baby + Boppy + arm chair = free hands (ideal for eating, reading, doing sudoku, using computer...you get the idea!)

kalisarah88 said...

That is so funny! Eloy just looks so comfy over there. I'm so excited that Jeremiah's coming Sunday!!!

And way cool that you actually made Boppys!