Then and Now

A few weeks back, I got together with a few friends from High school. The 4 of us hadn't seen each other since I got married (almost 3 years ago) and it was time for a reunion. It was so good seeing them.
We were road dogs back in the day. Always together. I would sneak off campus for lunch in Marika's trunk. HA! I drove Katie's 1902 Honda Accord around Morada with her. And at parties, I remember always losing Jaime... maybe it was because she's so short.

We lived off Jack-in-the-box taco's.
Loved going to Tokay's Baseball games with some crazy bread.
Lived off my mix c.d's.
Shopped till we dropped.

(Myself, Jaime, Katie, Marika. 2003)
(Marika, Jaime, Katie, and myself. 2011)

During our school days, we were so carefree. We made mistakes left and right, built life long friendships, and lived life as crazy hormone-raged teenage girls. Life is sure different now. Katie is a mother to 2 gorgeous little baby girls. Jaime has the most adorable son ever. Marika majored in Marine Biology and gets to work with our friends in the ocean and takes pride in not having any children to "tie her down" as she says. Each of us have taken a different direction in life. I'm just glad to know that no matter what, we can get together anytime and still feel that teenage bond.

Let me just say, as much as thing have changed, certain things haven't. By the end of dinner, Marika was for sure feeling the wine. hahahaaa... I was the only sober one in the building. just kidding (but I wouldn't doubt if I was)

If you lived in Lodi, you were either a rich while girl, a mexican who was a gang banger or couldn't speak a lick of english, or your were arabian. And of course, depending on who you were you were treated differently.
I absolutely am not, nor was I, any of the above.
I wasn't rich (still am not..lol), I wasn't white, I was from the ghetto part of Lodi, and I was definitely a minority. I was who I was.
These girls seen beyond the stereo-type's and the discriminations. That's why we're still friends.
I love these girls, and always will.


Kali Matthews said...

love this post! that's great that you can still get together with friends from hs! fun, fun! :)

Momma's Hart said...

What a sweet tribute! I hope your girlfriends have read this! :)

It sure makes me remember some of my besties from H.S. Fun times.