Not so Fit Mama

When I was in High school, I worked out every single day. Mostly because I had to. I played Basketball, year round. I believe we had the month of August off and during that month I participated in absolutely no physical activity. None. By the time September came around I was already out of shape from slumming it.

We would start practice lightly.  A little run to get us going, shoot 100 3-pointers, tons of free-throws,  3 man weave. The level of intensity grew as we practiced our plays. If we demonstrated any form of attitude or aggravation, we had to run. We were punished. Then, we scrimmaged. If your team lost, you ran. If you messed the play up, you ran.. If you cussed, you ran. If you rolled your eyes, you ran. If you cried, you ran. If you sneezed, you ran.

Beyond doubt, I was in the best physical shape of my life. 

 That was pretty much 10 years ago.

Now, the most physical activity I get is crawling around on my knee's, playing monster with Jeremiah OR playing the Wii.

I miss my glory days. Basketball was my life.
And I oh so dearly wish I still had that drive to be fit.

In spite of not working out anymore and not being as fit as I was in my teen years, I love my body now more than ever. I gained a new respect for my body after I carried Jeremiah for those long monts and gave birth. I take pride in my body. So, toned or not toned, I'm happy as is. :)

(One of my senior pic's. I love that my jersey is in the back. And would someone please tell me where my eyebrows are?)


Momma's Hart said...

You are beautiful! And lucky to be tall. We should encourage each other to go from mommy to wowwy! That's my goal. My body has not bounced back after 3 bedrest pregnancies. I'm so ready to get fit! Just know you aren't alone in the endeavors. Paul and I sadly were laughing about how so many of us from our YSA ward graduates, have become pudgy. Yeah, time to lose it! For sure!! :)

Thanks for your encouragement! It was fun to see you today!


Anonymous said...

You crack me up! You look absolutely gorgeous...as for your eyebrows, I didn't even noticed them until you mentioned it. LOL!