Thanks Modern Family

We are avid Modern Family viewers. The show is super comical.
My favorite character is Cameron. He is so hilariously flamboyant.
If you don't watch the show, I suggest you check it out. 


Right before tonights episode came on, I asked Eloy to toss me a diaper so I can change the J Man. I lay J down on the couch and begin to unzip his p.j's. I unbutton his onesie and notice it's little wet on the sides so after changing his diaper I start to take it off. I pull the shirt up, take his right arm out then place it right back into his p.j's. As I'm putting his arm in his shirt I feel something pricking me in my sleeve. I drive my hand in my sleeve to see what's poking me a find my earring! Eloy tackled me right before he tossed me the diaper so it must have came off then. After finding the earring, I proceed to look for the backing. I stand up, un-zip my sweater and it falls out. I put my earring back on and sit back down to enjoy my favorite show. :)

Meanwhile, Eloy is standing in the kitchen chomping on some homemade chocolate chip cookies. Whenever either of us are eating Jeremiah's 6th sense kicks in. He can smell the food in the air. Jeremiah runs over to Eloy and screams at him (The scream is his way of asking someone to share. Nice, right?!?). Eloy looks down at him and shouts, "Babe, what the heck did you do to my kid?". 

I'm not sure if you noticed it, but i failed to mention that I finished getting Jeremiah dressed... correctly. I was distracted. Yea, I promise i pay attention to my baby and little details. Obviously, not tonight. He must have rolled off the couch and ran away. He won the battle, but war.

(Mommy's handsome half-dressed baby)

(J's Baby GQ pose?)
(Cookie + Jeremiah= Happy Boy) 

(Buddha Baby? He's showing us the cookie is in his belly)

Thanks Modern Family. 

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