I'm a Mormon

Sound familiar? I left to go to Jo-ann Fabrics and when I got back Eloy showed me this.
He thought I might like it. :)
Sure did.
Her chubby little daughter is so cute. Gotta love those cheekies! <3

 I love how the Church puts these videos out. It shows people, non-members of the Church, that Mormon's are regular too. We're not some crazy "cult" or "secret society" that has 7 wives per husband and 20 million children (ouch). We are normal.

I want to make my own "I'm a Mormon" video. A day in the life of a Mexican Mormon. LOL!

Here's how mine would play out:
I'm a stay-at-home mom.
I work with an elderly woman. We call her Nana. :)
I attend school part-time.
I joined the church when I was 19. 
I'm addicted to my Iphone.
And I'm in love with music.
I'm indecisive
I'm Half Mexican/ Half Guatemalan 
I love Calla lilies.
I'm spunky.
Obsessed with Comedy.
I love my poodle.
I love my husband; he was made for me. :)
I adore my son; he's my panda man.
I love my savior.
My life is not that exciting.
My name is Andrea
and I'm a mormon.

P.S- I love her shirt.


Momma's Hart said...

Your life is exciting... because its yours!! So treasure it! :)

Love your post! Love your testimony! You are an amazing lady!

Kali Matthews said...

I LOVE this post! Let's make our own videos! SERIOUSLY. ly!