Jeremiah and Lizzy

When Jeremiah was 4 days old, his Tia Rosie came to visit and brought him his first stuffed animal. A green lizard. I'll admit it, when she handed it to me I thought my J man was a little too small for stuffed animals. Nonetheless, I put the lizard in his bassinet and he slept with it by his side, most of the time. As he got bigger, we played with this lizard and finally named it "Lizzy". I tried changing "her" name to a "he" name like Lenny or Leonard but a boy name just didn't fit this lizard. So, I guess you could say J has a girl toy. Hey, at least it's not pink. 

We've all grown to love Lizzy. She's the only one J will give kisses too... open mouth kisses. When all he could do was just lay there and smile, he would lay there and smile at Lizzy. He loves to hug here. And she still sleeps with him. She's apart of the familia now.

(J with Lizzy when he was 4 months new)
 (J with Lizzy tonight)
(Pay no attention to the drool :) He is his mothers son)

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