As most of you may know, Jeremiah shares a birthday with my dearest friend youngest son, Harper.

Their progression in life is very similar.
When Harper turned over, Jeremiah followed.
When Jeremiah sat up solo, Harper trailed.
Both have weighed the same for most of their life.
They tend to do things similarly.

So, it shouldn't shock me when people think they are twins. Or, better yet, when they see Landon, Harper, and Jeremiah, they assume Triplets
But it does.

Look at these pictures and tell me whose who.

Jeremiah is in the blue and black striped shirt and Harper is in the blue shirt, grey collar.
Jeremiah has a very light complexion considering he is Latin.

I'm hoping they continue on this twinsies path.
Ya, know.
Serve missions at the same time.
Get married around the same time.
Make Kali and I grandma's around the same time.

I hope they stay friends forever.


Kali Matthews said...

Hahaha... I hope we live close to each other forever! If Eloy goes to school in Utah, you guys better move back after! We have such cute babies! I love those boys!

Dione said...

So fun that your little boys are bffs, they are too cute!

Jana said...

cutest little boys ever :)