Tough move buddy

We've been in our new apartment for about 3 weeks now. We went from a spacious, vibrant, warm, beautiful 2 bedroom apartment to a small, dark, old 1 bedroom apartment... and Jeremiah is not too happy about it. Poor guy has had a really hard time adjusting to our new home. Not to mention he's teething so it's been rough, for him and I! AND he had an allergic reaction to cows milk. My poor baby!

Also, I think not having Bailey here in our new home hurts him a little... or maybe it's just me.

To make our new place look more like home I spread ALL his toys out on the living room floor, like they ALWAYS were at the old place. He LOVED it. Little by little he's loving our new place.

His whole schedule has been thrown off... but today, he took a 3 hour nap! 3 HOURS! 
Can you say productive day for mommy?!?!

Overall, my little man is adjusting. We're just grateful we have a home and love to fill it.

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HollySomm said...

Soooo precious! And I love the new picture you have up! You and your gorgeous little family!