Bye Bye Baby

 My baby turned 1 yesterday. It was such a bitter sweet day. Throughout the day I would look at the time and think about what happened at that exact moment, a year ago. I was so eager to get him out of my stomach and hold him... and to see him grow up. But now that he is 1, I just want him to be wittle again. 

When it comes to dates, I'm always looking for a trend. My nephew was born on 1-23-4, my niece 2-25-5, my other neice 3-5-7. CRAZY RIGHT? Then there was Jeremiah, 10-26-09. What the heck is so special about that? I'll tell ya what... Eloy received his mission call on 10-26-04. We were married on 4-26-08. And Jeremiah made his debut on 10-26-09. All 3 are VERY important dates in our little family. It may not be eye catching, but the symbolism is what matters.

 He's our little Panda, Chaka bear, little Eloy... he's my heart.  I love the sweet kisses he gives me when he wakes up in the morning. I love the way he growls when we play monsters. And I love how he runs to us when he sees us snacking. My baby isn't a baby anymore. Unfortunately, turning back time isn't an option, so I'll go on with life and cherish all of my memories of Jeremiah the baby forever and ever. How lucky am I to be his mother for all eternities. <3 I love you Jeremiah. More than you ever will know... 


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kalisarah88 said...

Totally got teary-eyed reading this. You are such a good momma, and Jeremiah is the sweetest!