Baby vs. Poodle

From the moment Jeremiah could fully control his hands and his feet, he has loved terrorizing Bailey. Poor poodle. Whether it's pulling on his fur, smacking him in the face, biting him, stealing his toys, stampeding him, yelling at him, etc... Jeremiah just loves to attack Bailey. He really does love the poodle though. Ever since he could crack a smile, he would see Bailey and just be that happiest baby on earth. It was nice back then... back before he was mobile. Now, Bailey runs for his dear life.

These 2 fight over EVERYTHING. Toys, blankets, food, water bottles... It's so funny.
Bailey growls, Jeremiah growls back. Jeremiah scream, Bailey responds by barking. 

Unfortunately, every time I try to record the fights both Bailey and Jeremiah just look at the camera. ugh. 
But here are a few pics of their love.

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