New Teeth, Crawling, and 9 months

 Jeremiah is changing and growing so much. It's bittersweet for me. I LOVE seeing him grow, learn, and explore... but at the same time, I just want him to be my little baby forever. He started crawling a few days ago... and he's EVERYWHERE! So far, his favorite thing to do (now that he's mobile) is attack Bailey! It's so funny!!

Baby J turned 9 months yesterday. His 2nd top tooth just cut through yesterday. 

My goodness. I love this boy.


kalisarah88 said...

Happy 9 months little J! We love you! WHAT A CUTIE!

Jana said...

Ahhh! so cute! I love that little grin :) Jeremiah should tell Lily that it's about time her top 2 teeth came in...