Pickle Impostor

Last night, my mama, sister Sophia, niece I'ris, and I went to Olive Garden for some din din. I'ris decided she wanted to sit next to me and her little cousin Jeremiah and my mama and sister sat on the other side of us. As usual, they start us off with a salad and bread sticks. Phia served each of us our salad. When she served me she had asked if I liked those Wax peppers they put in the salad (I think they're wax peppers... not too sure) and I said no. So i'm eating my salad and towards my last fork full I notice she put a pepper in there so I push it to the side of my plate. I'ris then looks over and ask's "Tia Drea, what's that?". I let her know it is a Wax pepper. She then asked, "What does it taste like". I wasn't too sure because I've never really eaten one I guess so as I was stumbling in my words I'ris then asked, "Does it taste like a pickle?". Before I could respond my mom shouted out "YES! Yes I'ris, it tastes like a pickle a little bit.". (Mind you, I'ris LOVES Pickles! Loves them!) I asked I'ris if she wanted to try the pepper, all she had to do was to take a little bite. She nodded her head, I placed the pepper in front of her mouth, she nibbled off the end, then within 10 seconds spit the pepper out. She had the most disgusting look on her face and THEN turned and gave me this look like, "Why did you make me eat that nasty salty pickle impostor?!?!"
Needless to say, I think that's the last time I'ris will be eating those lovely Waxed Peppers.


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