Bailey the Super Dog Part II

Bailey jumped out of the car again ...
Something is seriously wrong with him... mentally.
This last week I left him at my parents house from Thursday till Sunday. Eloy and I picked him up Sunday afternoon and he was so excited! On the drive home I rolled down the window and let him stick his little poodle head out so he can catch some wind. I always take into consideration the last time I let him do that he jumped out so I always hold his little legs so he can't go anywhere. As we turn into our neighborhood he starts to whine because he recognizes where we are. Eloy turns the corner onto our street, makes a u-turn right in front of the house, and the second I let go, Bailey jumps out the window! Good thing we were only going about 5mph this time. He landed somewhat on his feet... he stumbled a little bit but once he was steady on all fours he ran to the door. Eloy and I both had our shocked faces on but couldn't help but laugh. We looked at Bailey in total aw! As we're sitting in the car and Bailey's chillin' on the side walk Eloy screams out the window "Bye Bailey" and we drive off a little. I guess Bailey was so happy with being home he didn't care and just ran to the front yard!
Our poodle is seriously too crazy.


kalisarah88 said...

This post seriously has me laughing my guts out. I would have LOVED to see that. Last night I had a dream you were at the hospital to have Jeremiah, but I woke up before he was born. Sad!

Annie Macias said...

Oh Bailey, you little rascal! What a crack-up!