It's a....


There is NO doubt about it. Our baby was showin' off his goods and was NOT shy about it at all!!

When the Dr. and the Radiologist measured me they both said I'm further than 20 weeks so it looks like my Doctor is going to move my due date up. I just have to wait for her call. :)
I've always said I think I'm further that what the N.P. said I was and I was right! And I've always felt that my baby is a be a boy and I was right!
remember my blog awhile ago about my dream? I was true! http://garcialovin.blogspot.com/2009/01/dreamland.html
Look at the last sonogram... my baby has my lips!!! :)

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kalisarah88 said...

I just read the dream post. That is crazy. You are psychic. I'm excited!! Our little boys are close! That is gonna be so much fun...I can see the wild play dates now. We are gonna be busy, and I'm sure these boys will keep us in shape. So, I'm 20 weeks now. Did they come up with a new due date for you yet?