I have been having the weirdest dreams lately!
Every morning I wake up with 2 or 3 different stories and tell Eloy. He thinks it's hysterical; however, I think it's a sign! AH! Of what though?
Last nights dream:
All I remember is holding a baby, our baby, and I think I was in a hospital bed. I know it was a boy because he was wrapped in a blue blanket. The only trait of my dream son I could remember was, he had BIG LIPS like his mommy. lol
I had another dream but can't remember what it was about. I just remember laughing b/c I was actually laughing! LOL. I woke myself up... haha
Last week I had a dream I was losing Eloy! I woke up crying. I look over and there's my husband, passed out in the middle of the bed. I was SO relieved to see him by my side.. I grabbed his arm, kiss it (Well I kissed his Garmy but I was half asleep) cuddled with him, and went back to sleep. And in the morning Eloy asked me why I kissed his garmy... lol
Let's see where my dreams end up tonight...
I'll keep ya updated!

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HollySomm said...

My favorite dreams are when I wake up laughing or smiling. I can never remember what they were about, but it must be a good sign that I woke up happy right? Haha, good luck with those dreams Dre!