Sister from another Mister

Gotta Love her!

I found this random picture today...

It just made me think of all the good times I've had with Kali!


I love you and miss you.

When I think of you... I think of Ludacris. lol. I think of shopping and BOYS! lol. Broken arms and using the Men's Rest room. Being neighbors and walking our babies in their strollers together. Music and randomness. Da da da da da.. APATHY!

All good things that I will cherish forever and ever.

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kalisarah88 said...

DREEEE!!!!! I think I just cried a little. I looooooooove you!! Why don't we hang out like we used to? Just because we have husbands and babies (or a puppy in your case) doesn't mean we have to skimp on girl time! So, skip class, cancel your date, and let's go shopping-- or watch a disney movie-- or sew or something. And dude, you guys should still move next to us because we're getting an awesome duplex. Who cares if it's in the ghetto? No, really though, it's in the hood.