Bailey the Super Dog

So... this past Sunday, Eloy and I went to both of our parents house to eat dinner. Yup... that's right... 2 dinners. We're blessed. After we left my parents house, we went home to change out of our church clothes and to pick up Bailey. So we get home, change, grab Bailey, and leave. Every time we get in the car, Bailey whines. It's really annoying and the only thing that will make him stop is me rolling down a window so he can stick his little head out and be super dog. So... That's exactly what I did. We leave out apartment complex and I immediately roll the window down and there goes Bailey's little head. It looks so funny. So we're driving down our street and Eloy's going about 35-40 mph and Bailey loves it. He loves it so much that he sticks a little more of his body out of the window. Every time he hangs out of the window, I hold some part of his little boney body. This time I was holding on to his left leg. So here we are... Crusin down Church street. Bailey is now getting too excited and decides he wants to put his right leg on my shoulder so i practically have poodle butt in my face. As he's chillin with one leg on my should, the other swings to the car door and the next thing I know Bailey decides to jump out of the window! CRAZY POODLE! I look back and all I see is this white cotton ball rolling in the street. Good thing there were no cars behind us... I start screaming at Eloy "BAILEY JUMPED OUT OF THE WINDOW! BAILEY JUMPED OUT OF THE WINDOW!" so he pulls over and I run to Bailey. My poor puppy got up out of the street and army crawled his way to the side walk. When I called him, he didn't come to me... I think he was so shook up, he didn't realize who I was. So I got down one my knees and he crawled into my lap. I checked his little body out and there was nothing wrong with him! Just a few scratches and dirt from the road covered his body!

Moral of the story:

Never underestimate poodles... they are fierce!


kalisarah88 said...

LOL!!! I have not laughed that hard in a looooong time. I'm glad bailey was okay.

Sophia N I'ris said...