Baby in the Makin'!

It's crazy how a woman's body works. How we have been blessed to form life inside of us. Blessed and and at the same time tormented with the sickness's it causes. 3 weeks ago Eloy and I found out our little Mormon family is growing. :) I took 2 at home pregnancy tests and they came out positive... super positive.

Weeks before I took the tests, I knew something wasn't right. I would feel nauseous here and there, I was sooooo tired, and my boobies were sore. Then I really know something wasn't right when Aunt Flow didn't come to visit... and she's usually on time! Now, when you work with a bunch of girls, you tend to regulate eachother. I know as soon as soon as Aunt Flow leaves from visiting me, she visits Maile, a girl that shares a cubicle wall. As I was walking by Maile's cubicle one morning, I noticed she was leaning back in her chair and was kind of sluggish. I asked her what was wrong and she told me Aunt Flow was in town. I just stood there for a little bit and looked at her with my shocked face as I thought to myself "Hey, Aunt Flow hasn't visited me!"
That day, I text my sister-in-law Nancy and asked her if she could get me a pregnancy test. She brought me 2 later that night but I didn't take them... I was to scarred. LOL.
About 2 or 3 days later Eloy and I were running around town. We went to his sisters, then to Hollywood Video, then Subway. As we walked into Subway, Eloy asked my what I wanted and I said nothing! The smell was making me sick! And I love(d) Subway. So I sat there as Eloy ordered his Sandmich. When we got home, Eloy sat down to start grubbin' and I saw the test. I grabbed and said, "I'm takin' the pee pee test!"
In the Bathroom I went, with the test in one hand and a cup in the other. I read the instructions, pee-pee'd in the cup, and dropped a few drops in the test. Now the instructions said wait 30 seconds to a minute so I figured once I dropped the urine in the test I would have enough time to go grab Eloy and we could see the results together. WRONG. As soon as that drop touched the test, those 2 little red lines showed up faster than I could say OMG! I tried to run out of the bathroom as fast as I can but I couldn't twist the handle!!! I was freaking out!! LOL. When I bursted out of the bathroom I ran to the living room and told Eloy "Babe come here!". He looked at me and so kindly said, "Shut up!". lol. We both ran back to the bathroom and I explained to him what the 2 red lines meant.
With the proof starring at him in face, he still didn't believe it... so he went to Walmart and bought the most expensive pregnancy test he could find. So in the Bathroom I go again... and agan the test reads positive.
So.... there's a baby growing in my belly! Boy or girl... we're not sure but we're super excited our Family is growing. :)


Ashey Weber said...

Yayay OMG iam so excited for you... Now you can tell me how it goes before we do haha.

Dione said...

Yea!! You will be such a good mom! We are so excited for you! I love that Eloy bought the most expensive one so he could trust it:) I'm sorry you havent been feeling well, that is the worst and you have every right to complain if you want to!

Dani said...

that is so crazy! i'm so happy for you:)

Sarah said...

Yay, another blogger friend to add to our list! :) That is so exciting that you are having a baby! You will LOVE it! Thanks for finding us!