Brunch & Dinner

Everyday I start work @ 6AM! Crazy... I know.
Due to the California State Law, I must take lunch no later than 5 hours in my shift so I take it at 10:30 and we call it "brunch"... not quite breakfast not quite lunch. When I came home for "Brunch" on Monday Eloy made me the best meal ever! An egg & weenies sandwich. I loved it.

Chef Boyar"E"

My yummy meal.

I usually cook dinner but sometimes, I get lazy. So, sometimes we do a little oriental/mexican compilation.
Don't knock it till you try it... it's suuuuuuuper good!
It's fast and easy.
I get the best of both worlds when I eat this... my love for noodles and my love for spicyness!

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