Baby Sitting

Eloy and I decided just to stay home tonight and just chill out. His sisters invited us to go out to dinner with them but we said no thanks cause we wanted to stay home. Eloy's ex-sister-in-law called me and asked if we could watch her daughter, Dezerey, for an hour or until her mom gets home. No problemo. So Dezy came over and we ate, we played with Bailey, read a book, Eloy taught her words in Spanish and then they began to spell out things... And this is how that played out:

Eloy: What does D.O.G Spell?
Dezy: DOG!
Eloy: Good. What does C.A.T Spell?
Dezy: Cat
Eloy: Good Job. Ok... What does E.L.O.Y Spell?
Andrea: (giggles in the backround)
We love our niece... lol

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