Punk Rocker in hand-me-downs

I decided to try a new do on my little panda man.
He's rockin' the faux-hawk.

We visited my Nana yesterday and she got a kick out of it.

I've gotta say, and I'm not being biased, Jeremiah rocked the faux- hawk pretty darn good.

And this cute little Ecko outfit was a hand-me-down. It belonged to my 7-year old nephew, Nathan. My oldest sister, Raquel kept most of Nathan's baby's clothes. After having her second baby, Johnna, she decided to turn off the baby maker. So, lucky enough for Jeremiah and meeeee, he was the next boy to be born in the family and has acquired alllll of Nathan's old goodies. I'm excited to put our next baby boy in some of Nathan's and Jeremiah's old clothes and enjoy the awesomeness of hand-me-downs.


Dione said...

He is such a little man, so handsome! Keep those little girls in nursery away!

Jana said...

ahhh! i can't get over his cuteness. what a stud. and you're right... hand-me-downs are AMAZING! here's hoping we have lots of girls to use all of the clothes lily acquired her first year!

Anonymous said...

That's my nephew! He's the most handsome little toddler EVER!

Kali Matthews said...

Now he looks even more like a Matthews! :) Love that baby! Little studmuffin. Hopefully there will be another boy to use Nay-Nay's hand-me-downs soon. *hint hint*. Hurry and get YOUR baby maker in action, so I have a baby to play with!

linsey huffman said...

I CRACKED UP at the first 4 photos! He looks like he knows exactly what he's doing, posing for a "I'm so studly" photoshoot.. too cute Andrea!!