San Francisco Zoo

 Life has been pretty busy lately. Eloy is always at school and since we live on campus he feels like he is literally always at school. When the weekends hit, he's ready to leave. It doesn't matter where we go, he just doesn't want to be home. Since the weather was gorgeous this Saturday we decided to head to the bay area and take our little monkey to visit his cousins at the zoo. :)
I was surprised how nice the Zoo is. And yes, I'll admit it... I was WAY more excited to be there than the rest of the kids running around.
Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me so all the pics below were snapped with my iPhone. They aren't of the greatest quality but pretty dang good for a phone!

Jeremiah was in LOVE with the Giraffes
I love zebras. But I hated how they like to poop freely in front of me. That was No Bueno!

 This monster kept pacing back and forth like he wanted to jump out and attack the crowd. SCARY!

And my favorite of all time, the penguins!


This Lovely Old Soul... said...

Ive been to that zoo more times than I can count and the penguins will ALWAYS be my favorite!

Jana said...

Did you make it to the grizzly bear feeding? Definitely my favorite part of the SF zoo :) There is a small pond next to the viewing area and they throw live fish into the water and you get to watch the bears hunt underwater. It's pretty awesome, not going to lie!

kalisarah88 said...

Yeah, I can't believe you took these pics with your iphone. They are WAY good! <3

dani said...