Lemon Juice

We had the missionaries over for dinner a few weeks ago and I made this delicious meal! As the recipe states, lemon juice is needed. So I grab my lemons and start squeezing. Just about every time I squeeze a lemon or a lime I get squirted. After squeezing my lemons I decide to take a little break before the Sisters come over so I plop my self on the couch. But as I look down to make sure I don't sit on Jeremiah, Bailey, or their toys I see my shirt.

Did you know lemon juice does THIS to a shirt?!?!

Because I didn't. I was SO bummed! I seriously wanted to cry.
A few days before we had the sisters over, Eloy and I went to the Roseville Galleria so I can buy some Wonder Tees since that is the ONLY place in California that sells them. Luckily, the spots came out when I washed my shirt... But I didn't know lemon juice could do this!

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HollySomm said...

:( How sad! I did not know that about lemons! Those Demons!!!