5 months new/Road Trip to Utah

My little/big baby is 5 months now. I can't believe it. He's in the 95th percentile for weight and length. Yes, he's massive.

Unfortunately, he had to spend this milestone in his life in his car seat because we were going to Utah Baby! While there, we stayed with some of the most amazing people in the Universe... The Macias Familia!
Most of the pictures that we took were of the boys. Noah and Jeremiah are 3 months apart, Noah being the eldest. But age ain't nothin' but a number... because Jeremiah weighs more than Noah does. (Sigh). Ya, I'm buff.

We ate SO much while we were there. Tucano's and Cafe Rio are, BY FAR, 2 of the best places to go to get some goooood grub! As you can tell, Noah and Eloy loved Tucano's.

We also took a tour of BYU while we were there. Eloy is looking to transfer this year and BYU happened to come up on the list of colleges to look at. The campus is really nice and overall, the school is academically impressive! While the boys met with Admission advisers, Annie, the babies, and myself went exploring. We visited the Museum of Arts (where the below picture was taken) then, somehow, ended up at the BYU creamery. (We actually seen a girl walking with an ice cream come in her hand and thought about attacking her for it). 

Eloy has a few companions that live in Utah. We got to have dinner with one, Tyson Brown and his wife Bridgett. Good Times.
Tyson was really good with Jeremiah. The Brown's are on a "plan" to not reproduce until Bridgett graduates and gets a stable job. Ya... Eloy and I had a similar plan but things don't always go our way. :)

The Macias' have a special place in our heart. We've had some really good times with them and we can add this visit to our memory book. I love the fact that we've been able to grow together as friends and family. As our lives have changed, so have theirs. We met as young single kiddos, then we were engaged, then newlyweds, then preggo beautiful ladies, and now mama's and papa's.

Despite this picture, Jeremiah really does love Noah.

And as you can tell... Noah didn't want Jeremiah to leave.

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Annie Macias said...

We were dead serious about you guys moving here and shacking up with us! We miss the poop out of you! P.S. That ice cream was BOMB!!