Oh Cwistmas Twee, Oh Cwistmas Twee

Man Oh Man does Jeremiah like the Christmas Tree! The night we lit up the tree for the first time he just stared at it FOREVER!
It seems like for the past 3 years, each Christmas has been special. 2 years ago, Eloy and I were engaged. Last year, it was our first Christmas as a married couple. Now this year, we have Jeremiah.
I love it. :)

AND... I'm so grateful that Jeremiah is so small. If he would have been a few months older he probably wouldn't wanted to have a picture with Santa. Next year we'll see how it goes. lol


kalisarah88 said...

He's SO cute! And I love the tree. :)

HollySomm said...

You guys are so adorable! Merry Christmas!

Annie Macias said...

Awww...what a cutie! I miss you guys!