Grape Festival Fun!

Saturday, after my Baby Shower, we went to the Grape Festival with Eloy's Family minus his dad. It was super fun. The both of us haven't been in YEARS! The last time I went was when Eloy was on his mission. Kelton and Ant went with me. :) Good Times. The last time Eloy went was when he was in High School!!! Crazy!

Going to the Grape Festival is seriously like going to a High School Reunion. We seen SO MANY of our old friends and their families. It's so cool to see the different paths people take in life. An old friend I seen mentioned how she never thought any of us (referring to our old "group") could ever be pregnant or Married! Neither did I honey... lol. But I'm sure glad it's happening to me.

The kids that go to the Fair are so ridiculous!!! I've never seen so many pairs of skinny jeans in my life. I mentioned that to another friend and asked her, when we were in High School were we like that? Did we think we were the shiz walking around? Little Teenagers trying to act cool? She said Yes, but the only difference was we were Basketball players who thought we were all big and bad because we were taller than everybody else and knew how to dive on our chest to chase a basketball. LOL

I love this pic. We were trying to look at eachother with this wierd face but I kept laughing. Eloy always make me laugh. Whether he tries to or not. It's things like this that make me realize I wouldn't change one thing in my life right now. Things like this that make me grateful for the way my life has turned out.


kalisarah88 said...

cute post!! And I love that pic of you guys too. You're guys are goofy. :P

HollySomm said...

you two are adorable!

Dione said...

We were just talking about how we were missing out on the grape festival, looks like fun! Your belly is sooo cute, its almost time, yay!!

Annie Macias said...

CUTE!! You are looking so great! I love that last pic! Makes me miss you guys more :(