New Calling

I LOVE Lodi 1st Ward. It's my first family ward I have ever been in and it is a GREAT ward! I loved the people, I love my calling, I just loved everything the Ward has to offer. Right after we joined the Ward I was called to be a Sunday School Teacher for the 14-15 year olds and I completely feel in love with the teenagers. At times, I felt like one of them; and at other times, I was grateful I'm not a teenager anymore. LOL. Eloy was called as the Ward Mission Leader. Ever since he has been home from his Mission all his callings have been within the Missionary Program. Unfortunately, we had to leave our 1st Ward. Last Sunday, a member of the Stake High Counsel spoke to us and extended a new calling to me. I cried. lol. I am now the Second Counselor in Young Women's in Lodi's 4th Ward/ Spanish Branch.
It's a bitter sweet moment I guess. I'm SUPER excited to work with the Girl's in Spanish Branch but at the same time, I LOVE 1st ward. Eloy hasn't received a calling yet but I know they have something in store for him. The President of the Branch has asked us since the day we got married, when we were going to migrate over. Sneaky, sneaky...
We knew eventually we would move to Spanish Branch but I didn't think it would be this soon. The funny thing is I've been telling Eloy, I think I'm going to get called to Young Women's after I have the baby. Sure enough, I was right... somewhat. I thought it would be in 1st ward and AFTER the baby. LOL.
Obviously, Heavenly Father wants us in Spanish Branch for a reason. There is work that needs to be done and he we must be in that "work plan". lol. I just pray to have patience with all the little kids that run around during sacrament meeting. lol.

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kalisarah88 said...

LUCKY! I wish we could be in the Spanish branch, only I don't speak Spanish so maybe not. Don't worry though, it'll be fun and you'll do great!