Utah trip!

Eloy and I went to Utah for General Conference earlier this month. The whole trip was great. Including the ride... NOT! I slept most the way there and back so I shouldn't complain. The only sucky thingy was Eloy had to BLAST the music every now and then so he wouldn't fall asleep. I would wake up to Ice Cube or Metallica or some other loud noise... not fun.
While we were there we walked around alot, ate, shopped, napped, ate some more, napped some more, met up with Audrey and Demetrius for a midnight snack, went to conference, ate some more, lost my camera, found my camera... and that's about it! For some reason, I pictured the Salt Lake Temple to be gigantic... like bigger than the Oakland Temple. But it wasn't... oh well. It's still beautiful. We went to the Sunday morning session of conference. It was so awesome. The whole session was GREAT. The very last hymn of our session was "We thank thee oh God for a Prophet". Being in the same room with Thousands of people who have the same beliefs and standards as myself and being in the same room as President Monson really strengthened my testimony that President Monson is my Prophet. It was a real testimony booster for me.

When we were on our way to the Conference Center Saturday Morning I decided to bust out our camera and try and take some pictures. I really like how everywhere you drive, you see mountains. So I took a few pics and got distracted. I thought I put the camera away... but I think I left it on my lap. For some reason I thought we weren't allowed to bring camera's into the Conference Center. So we go to Conference, take pictures with our phones, leave when it's down, go get some food, gas up... and as we're gassing up I started looking for the camera. I couldn't find it anywhere! I was freaking out!!! So I got the nerve to tell Eloy that I couldn't find it and we basically retraced our steps. We retraced them all the way back to where we parked when we went to Conference. We parked in a residential area about 5-10 minutes away for the C.C. So we drove back to the same exact spot, I got out of the car and walked along the grass with my eyes wide opened.... and there it was! Right next to this Navigator. My heart dropped! What a relief! Who ever parked where we did must have found the camera, looked through it, and decided to leave it on the curb for us! Good thing b/c there were pictures on there from the night we got engaged. HOW NICE! What a shocker... If that would have happened to us in California, our camera would have already been sold to someone! LOL. I am super grateful to whomever did that!

(I hate this street name... this is ridiculous!!!)

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