New Glasses

I got new glasses! YAY! My last pair of glasses broke. :( Eloy stepped on them on morning and one of the arms broke off. They were my versaces too.... but it was completely my fault. Before I went to bed that night, I placed my glasses on the floor because I was too lazy to get up and place them on the dresser. So for a a few months I had to walk around with tape around my frames. lol. Classic. Eloy and I went to our Optometrist's office yesterday and we each picked new frames. I love mine. :) They're hot! LOL... Eloy's are pretty nice too. He tried on some block frames but they gave him the Buddy Holly look and we weren't to fond of it. They just didn't suit him. So he picked some wire frames instead of plastic. He looks super hot in them. lol. So sophisticated. He said the old man glasses fit him better. LOL. Both Eloy and I are now Dulce and Gabanna groupies.

This is my new love.

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Dani said...

love them!!! good choice:)