Anniversary Weekend

Eloy and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary yesterday. How crazay! It seems like we just got married last week. Now... we're pregnant! LOL.

We decided to celebrate the whole weekend. We got up Saturday Morning and had lunch at this Peruvian Restaurant called Fresca in San Francisco. Eloy was so excited. I was too... but that's just because I love to eat now. He hasn't eaten Peruvian food since his mission. We've always talked about going to a restaurant but never did... until now.

To drink I had Inca Cola and Eloy had Chicha Morada. Inca Cola tastes like Bubble Gum soda and Chicha Morada tastes like... I don't know. It just tastes different!

For an appetizer we had Papa a la Huancaina. If you can prenounce that, you're the bomb. It's pretty much a potato cut into slices with this pepper cheese sauce all over it. It was yummy yummy in my tummy. :)

I ordered the Lomo Saltado. It consisted of steak strips and french fries that were cooked in soy sauce and some white rice on the side. Who would have thought mixing all this would be so good!!!

Eloy ordered Aji de Gallina. It consisted of Chicken, Aji Amarillo Cream, potatos, and white rice. By the looks of it, I thought it was going to be nasty but it was really good!

Overall- SUPER DELICIOUS SATURDAY LUNCH! What a great way to start off the celebration! We finished it off by watching the Laker's game(boo) and yelling at all the players. :)

On Sunday, we went to church then decided to take a little drive to the Sacramento Temple... We're it allllll started. We LOVE this temple. It's so beautiful and we feel like we have such a connection with it. One of the main reasons we decided to get sealed in this Temple was my parents were familiar with it. I took them to the Open House so they had the opportunity to go inside before it was dedicated!

So here we are... A year later. My how time flies. I love my hubby even with all his imperfections. I love that we can laugh about the stupidest things. We've grown so much and we couldn't have done it without the gospel in our lives. I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for blessing me with such a great Husband.

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kalisarah88 said...

*tear tear* 1 year already, and look at that cute pregnant belly! I love you guys! CONGRATS :)

P.S. That food looks sooooo good. I'm salivating. ah, pregnancy.