Our Little Spazoid

While people blog about their children, we blog about our puppy. We love our puppy. He has truly become a member of the family. Since he could walk, he has been a SPAZPOID. When he is in the grass, he hops like a rabbit. When he walks around, he looks like a sheep. When he eats, he tips his food over so it ends up EVERYWHERE! He's scared of other dogs but he loooove's Lacy Macy (my parent's poodle). His fetish is... socks (mostly dad's) and his blankets. His favorite spot to chill, is on mom's lap. He knows to to slow dance... all you have to do is get on yours knees, hold his legs, and sway side to side... gracefully. This puppy is definitely a licker... if you have a face, he has a tongue. At night when we go to bed, Bailey runs from side to side, jumping up and down, trying to find a way to get up. The funny thing is, when's he's jumping, all we see is this little white head appear every 4 to 5 seconds. It's HILARIOUS! So... just enjoy our puppy via the blog and enjoy.



kalisarah88 said...

He. Is. So. Cute. You are such a good little puppy mommy!

Sophia N I'ris said...

My dog will kick your dogs butt!! I said kick not lick!!!

Dione said...

How fun!! He really is cute, we will just call you Paris ;) J/k