Garcia VS. Romo

When I married Eloy, I knew I was marrying into the Dallas Cowboys. I was raised on 49er's and Raiders but hey... I must listen to my husband. But the thing is, I've never really had an interest in football. Anyways... ALL of my family are Cowboys fan. A few weeks ago, my aunt made a comment that would change things forever. She told my mom that Eloy looks like Tony Romo, the quarterback for th Cowboys. OH NO! So eveytime we see family, they call Eloy, Tony, or Tony, Eloy. Make sense? They scream at the TV and say "Come on Garcia!". lol. My only input on this was, Hey... I want Romo's Paycheck then! lol. So... see below and decide for yourself!

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kalisarah88 said...

That's kinda creepy. Twins separated at birth?