My poor doggie... he's home ALL DAY by himself. Eloy and I are gone during the day so he's stuck here in our itty bitty apartment, by himself, with no friends, just toys and blankets and whatever else he can find to play with (which is usually the bathroom mat). Not only is he stuck in our itty bitty apartment, we put up a baby gate so he can't leave the bedroom so NOW he only has the itty bitty witty bedroom and super duper itty bitty bathroom.

So, the other day, when I came home from a regular day of work I walk into the house to pure silence which is odd b/c when someone walks in, it's Bark City, so I automatically assume something isn't right. I put my stuff down and started walking to the bedroom to find Bailey laying the the middle of the floor with 3 of his blankets, a pair of my pants, a towel from the hamper, and TONS of socks everywhere. I walk in the room, say my hellos to my doggie, and start to pick up his mess. As I start to fold his blankets, I look down to find a HOLE in the carpet! He must have mistaken it for his Big Blanket! All of his blankets (and some of our socks) have holes in them so now, we can add the flippin carpet to the list. I must admit... I was ticked! So, Bailey got a spanking... if you're reading this, pls don't report me for doggie abuse. AND he was put in time out for HOURS! Anywho... we're going to try to patch up the carpet before we move out of our apartment so they don't take our deposit. To top off this whole incident, I come home to next days to find my boots in the middle of the room. UGH!

The End


kalisarah88 said...

LOL. That sucks, but it's hard to stay mad when your dog is so cute.

Sophia N I'ris said...

LOL!! Darn Dog!!

Joe and Jana said...

which is EXACTLY the reason why we won't be having a dog anytime soon :) Call me a stalker, but I just found your blog and it's so fun to see what everyone is up to!