Sin City

The Anxiety is finally put to rest! Our flight left from Sac around 9:50and we got there a little after 11. As we got off the plane we had to catch a train thing inside of the airport to the baggage claim. When we got off we found my mom looking around for her babies and of course, I ran to her like a little kid would run to go hug Mickie Mouse. lol. We noticied my dad was nowhere to be found and asked where he was. My mom pointed to the Slot Machines in the middle of the aisle and there he was! Dazed and confused... just staring at them! He said he lost $10 b/c our flight was late. lol. We then rushed to our room to find my sister and I'ris crashed out in the living room (on one of those couches that turns into a bed). I woke up I'ris but she was not having it. So we walked around Vegas, got some wings to eat, then hit the sack around 3 A.M. The weekend has begun...

The next morning, 2 little darling children woke us up! lol

And ALL the kids wanted to be with their Tio Eloy!

One thing we wanted to do while we were in Vegas was go to an All You Can Eat SUSHI Buffet! And we did. The restaurant was called Todai... not today but todai (it sounds like to die). And OMG was it delicious! Phia mostly grubbed on Crab Legs, I'ris chowed down the edamame and sushi, and Eloy and I devoured the Sushi and Coconut Shrimp!

Did you know there are REAL lions in the MGM? Well there is! And we seen them. There in a large glass case. There's this tunnel you go through and it's made of glass! That's where the pictures below are from! It was scary... SCARY MONSTERRRRSSSSSS!!!!

The actual ceremony was in a room at the Venetian hotel. Although I didn't get any pictures at the ceremony, believe me when I say it was beautiful. Very simple and personal. I guess I didn't take any pictures because all I could see is the back of my uncle's head!

Now on to the reception! The reception was at another hotel that was connected to the Venetian, The Palazzo! I kid you not it felt like we hiked the beginning of half dome. lol. JK. But it was a long walk.

And once we got there EVERYBODY partied the night away... While the rest of use posed for pictures!

As I was going back and forth from the dance floor my seat Eloy noticed something. Now when I'm eating and I'm excited about what I'm eating, I DANCE! What a way to celebrate food, right? Watch this!

My niece is just like me! LOL

This picture is Priceless! I've got one lady yelling at me telling me not to take anymore picture's of them and the other one screaming saying "Look at your Nana!" lol CLASSIC! A little too much too drink but HILARIOUS!

Leave it up to Na'Na to start the Dancing!

The wedding went on with the Familia takin' over the dance floor! It was funny to hear our family yell BALLON, as an attempt to represent, and Martha's side yelling their last name. Well actually I shouldn't say our family, since it was just MY MOM!

It was good to see my Nana FINALLY Sit back and relax. Sadly, the alcohol have her an opportunity to enjoy life. lol

"Raise it up, UNK"

All the Mujeres on the dance floor! GROUP HUG GIRLS! LOL

This picture is worth A THOUSAND words!

We ended the Trip @ the MGM... Chillin with Johanna Marie!


Sophia N I'ris said...

Awwwwwww!!! Tooo cute!!

kalisarah88 said...

I love the pic of Eloy with all the babies. At first glance it looks like he and Nathan are drinking from baby bottles. I was like WHAT? Looks like you guys had fun!! Happy Thanksgiving! Love you Beezy!