The New Addition

Normal people have babies... Eloy and Andrea have a poodle. His name is Bailey and he was born on June 18, 2008. He is very much a spaz like his mommy & daddy.
Bailey LOVES to lick faces and lay in bed with us. When we first got him, we had to monitor his bed time b/c if he was on the bed for too long he would potty. We think he was mistaken by the sheets, he prob though they were a BIG potty pad... but we'll never know. He also loves the morning time! He gets SUPER excited when we get up in the morning. Eloy says it's b/c he hasn't seen us in over 8 hours! We TRY to put him to bed by 9 b/c he gets really feisty and starts nibbling on things.

We love our doggie! :)

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Sophia N I'ris said...

I love it!! I absolutely love it! (you copy catter!!!)